Hearpen Video Releases

Technical Note
Video files are in the M4V format. This is an iTunes / Quicktime format. On Windows machines you will need iTunes for Windows or Quicktime for Windows (both free programs).

  Folly Of Youth (4:53) - Pere Ubu
Quality: Professional
Size: 57MB
Cost: $2 Add to Cart
The music video recorded for Raygun Suitcase. Directed by John Thompson. Filmed at Suma. Arguably the best Ubu music video - lots of inside jokes, views of the microphone-speakers Paul Hamann was starting to build for Ubu recordings, and some footage of a young Ken Hamann (the balding fellow), and Paul Hamann (the long-haired balding fellow). Conceived to be constructed as a song is constructed, out of riff sections. David mixed the album by listening to the right speaker with his left ear and whiled away the time unscrewing and rescrewing Fader 24 on the Suma desk... which is the explanation for that shot. Features Scott Benedict on drums. Video iPod compatible.

  Rounder (3:22) - Pere Ubu
Quality: Grainy and dark
Size: 19MB
Cost: $2Add to Cart
Recorded Oct 29 1995 at the OK Hotel, Seattle WA. Originally released on the B each B oys Seedee +, 1996. Because the original footage was compressed and encoded for cd playback more than a decade ago it is grainy. As well, the lighting was rock-dive quality. Still the sound is good and it's worth seeing. Band is David Thomas, Tom Herman, Robert Wheeler, Michele Temple and Steve Mehlman. Video iPod compatible.

  Fish Shack (1:03) - David Thomas
Quality: Good
Size: 1.5MB
Cost: $2 Add to Cart
An animation by David Thomas, made as an experiment. Released on the B each B oys Seedee +, 1996. Video iPod compatible.

  Caroleen (4:33) - Pere Ubu
Quality: Reasonable
Size: 24MB
Cost: $2 Add to Cart
From Montreal Oct 3 2007. Source is YouTube. Some guy in the balcony with a video camera. Video iPod compatible.

  Worlds In Collision (3:12) - Pere Ubu
Quality: Reasonable
Size: 18.4MB
Cost: $2 Add to Cart
Another video track from the BeeBoys Seedee +, 1995. Video iPod compatible.

  Turquoise Fins (3:11) - Pere Ubu
Quality: Reasonable
Size: 6.8MB
Cost: $2 Add to Cart
David Thomas' animated notes to the album track, 1995. Video iPod compatible.

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