Glasgow - Pere Ubu

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Total Running Time - An hour or so.

Source: Multi-track live digital

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Catalog: Hearpen HR178
Introduction 3:27
Love Love Love 3:17 [preview]
Free White 2:49 [preview]
Mandy 7:50 [preview]
Vacuum in my Head 4:37
Over My Head 4:48
Breath 6:44
Musicians are Scum 4:08
And Then Nothing Happened 5:06
Modern Dance 3:51
Road Trip of Bipasha Ahmed 5:17
Misery Goats 2:59
Another One 3:33
414 Seconds 8:28
Goodnite Irene 4:03

Download file size: 147MB

These are Apple MPEG-4 audio files (m4a), the iTunes Plus format.

Description: Recorded April 17, 2013, at the Mono, Glasgow, during the inaugural tour for Lady From Shanghai, by Ubu soundman Nadan Rojnić. He mixed it as well. It's a loose evening with a good audience in fine spirit. There's a few minor errors - mangled lyrics, etc. - but it's a good example of the band at full tilt. The recording is pretty much as it went down - two seconds were deleted for technical reasons - though encores are not included.

David Thomas - vocals
Keith Moliné - guitar, backing vocals
Robert Wheeler - Theremin, iPad, analog synthesizers
Gagarin - digital electronica
Michele Temple - bass, backing vocals
Steve Mehlman - drums, backing vocals

Writer credits are noted in the metadata of each file.

Recordings and artwork ©2014 Ubu Projex. All rights reserved.

Encoding method: AAC 256kbps.
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