Visions of the Moon - Pere Ubu

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Total Running Time - 52:59

Source: Live 8-track recording

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Catalog: Hearpen HR176
Fuzz 5:25 preview
Road to Utah 4:35 preview
Brother Ray 9:49 preview
Heart of Darkness 3:37
Irene 4:07
Dr Faustus 4:23
Drag The River 5:04
Bus Station 4:34
Modern Dance 5:04
Gold Surf 6:26

Download file size: 120MB

Description: The 'Visions of the Moon' tour took place in November 2013 in Italy, Croatia, the United Kingdom and Ireland. A 'shock troops' edition of Pere Ubu was used. All but two songs in the set were new or improvised compositions, works in progress for the next album, 'Carnival of Souls.' The two older songs (Heart of Darkness and Modern Dance) were radically reinterpreted. Soundman Nadan Rojnic recorded each night. This is the show from The Village in Dublin, recorded November 14 2013.

David Thomas - vocals
Keith Moliné - guitar
Darryl Boon - clarinet
Gagarin - electronica
Steve Mehlman - drums, drum pad

All songs written by Pere Ubu abd published by Ubu Projex.

Artwork by Alexndre Horn.
Recordings and artwork ©2014 Ubu Projex. All rights reserved.
Encoding method: Interleaved, 44.1, High Q, CBR@320, filtered.
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