David Thomas and The Holy Soul

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Total Running Time - 55:48

Source: Digital live recording

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Catalog: Hearpen HR158
Slow Walking Daddy (5:24)  preview
Clouds Of You (4:17)  preview
Perfume (4:47)  preview
Bus Called Happiness (4:47)
30 Seconds Over Tokyo (6:38)
Down By The River II (4:48)
Heart Of Darkness / Memphis (8:13)
Rounder (3:57)
The Modern Dance (3:21)
Life Of Riley / Wasteland (9:28)
Total download file size: 135.1MB

Description: Recorded at Notes Live, Sydney, Australia, January 31 2010. The Holy Soul is a Sydney based band. Their second and latest studio LP is "Damn You, Ra" (2009), which flirts with doom, exotica and Brechtian waltzes. Guests include Ralph Carney on sax. The Holy Soul are also involved in a long standing collaboration with Can's Damo Suzuki, which resulted in the live LP, "Dead Man Has No 2nd Chance" (2010) on Repressed Records (www.repressedrecords.com). Live sound: Andrew Crow. Recorded and mixed by Nathan Ashmore. Photo by Lyndal Irons.

David Thomas and The Holy Soul:
David Thomas vocals, melodeon
Jon Hunter - guitar, synth, harmonica
Trent Marden - guitar
Sam Worrad - bass
Kate Wilson - drums

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